Academy Inégales – Spring 2017

Academy Inégales returns this Spring for a weekend of musical exploration culminating with a performance alongside legendary improvisersDhruba Ghosh (India) and Kiya Tabassian (Iran / Canada) .

Over the 25th & 26th March, we’re welcoming performers, composers & performer-composers of any tradition to collaborate with Peter Wiegold, Martin Butler and other like-minded musicians, playing, composing and improvising to craft a set for the Sunday evening gig.

Academy Inégales returns this spring for a very special weekend in which participants are invited to work alongside distinguished musicians Dhruba Ghosh (India) and Kiya Tabassian (Iran / Canada), as well as members of resident ensemble Notes Inégales.

Dhruba and Kiya are celebrated leaders of their respective traditions and this weekend represents a rare opportunity not just to learn more about their music and practice, but to play and create alongside them, crafting a collective performance for the Sunday night gig.

We welcome applications from musicians of any tradition: composers, classical performers, world, folk, improvising and jazz musicians, sonic artists and all other artists interested in crossing borders and creating new territories.

The weekend will be led by Peter Wiegold and Martin Butler, directors of Club Inégales. They will begin by demonstrating some of the techniques developed at Club Inégales where they have collaborated for 5 years with musicians across many traditions; next, Dhruba and Kiya will introduce their musics and give participants the opportunity to play alongside them; and then we will devise the Sunday night concert, for which all will have the chance to write and develop new material towards a Club Inégales Big Band performance.

Participation in the weekend costs £125 (£80 student concession – limited availability) and includes an evening meal from our friends at Taste of India and a ticket to the Club Inégales night on Saturday 25th March featuring Kiya and Dhruba alongside Notes Inégales (which can also be booked as an individual event).

Peter Wiegold writes about the first time he heard Dhruba:

“Dhruba Ghosh played just the first note in his cadenza, with an exquisite vibrato – and the sun came out. The room filled with light. I have never quite experienced anything like that in a concert, that pure radiance. He was playing alongside Kiya Tabassian, the Iranian/Canadian setar player in the premiere of Joel Bons’ Nomaden in Amsterdam along with several other soloists. Kiya is another extraordinary player with a gift for melody and the most subtle range of colours in his ringing strings.

I cannot say strongly enough how much I recommend this opportunity to work with Dhruba and Kiya. Maybe 20 years ago with such musicians a half-hour lesson would be something to achieve, here you will get the chance to play alongside them and create a concert with them.”

Previous Academy Inégales participants commented on their experience:

“I could practice my skills as composer, improviser, instrumentalist and performer. The surprising aspect was gathering all these faces into one, in collaboration with others.”

“It was an outstanding experience. New perspectives about music, improvisation and composition were experienced in a such pleasant and challenging way.”

Participating artists

Guest Artists
Dhruba Ghosh has single-handedly revived the traditional classical Sarangi of North India, taking the “voice of a hundred colours” into brand new artistic territories.

Kiya Tabassian is a master of the setar, a Persian lute with movable frets. Born in Iran and now living in Montreal, he is Artistic Director of the Constantinople ensemble and is active as a composer and researcher.

Academy Inégales Directors
Peter Wiegold is a distinguished composer, conductor and band-leader who has conceived and led Club Inégales and the Institute of Composing. He has been exploring ‘crossovers’ for many years – between scores and improvising, classical and jazz, and especially Western and non-Western musics, recently collaborating with Chinese, Korean and African musicians.

Martin Butler is a composer and pianist and Associate Director of Club Inégales. He has written music for orchestras, ensembles and two operas, and has collaborated with musicians from many genres. He teaches as Professor of Music at Sussex University.

Violinist and violist Max Baillie is one of the most versatile musicians in the UK and is in demand across an exciting spectrum of music and performance mediums including classical, improvisation, composing and directing and collaborations with dance and electronics.
Joel Bell’s work has been characterized by the eclectic array of musicians he has worked with, and by taking risks both in the compositional process and in real-time performance. After recent studies in near and far Eastern music, he is currently exploring micro-tonal musics and maqam systems utilizing the fretless electric guitar.
Taegŭm performer, composer and researcher Hyelim Kim is opening new possibilities for Korean music by using a traditional Korean instrument as a tool to promote exchange with a wide-variety of musical cultures.

How to apply 

If you would like to be considered for participating in Academy Inégales Spring 2017, please complete the registration form below. We will consider applications as they come in so if you are interested in this rare opportunity we highly recommend to apply as soon as possible. We will select motivated applicants of diverse artistic experience and background who demonstrate a desire to both learn and share.

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