Q&A with Byron Wallen & Hyelim Kim

This Saturday, we’re joined by club regulars Byron Wallen & Hyelim Kim for a gig as part of the EFG London Jazz Festival. Both players have been to the club before – Bryon as a visiting soloist and Hyelim as a regular member of Notes Inégales – so it’s sure to be something of a spectacular homecoming!

You’ve both played at the club a number of times over the years – what is it about performing here that interests you most?

Byron: I love the unexpected and enjoy the spirit of adventure that has always embraced my collaborations at the club – each night has been completely contrasting musically with unique personnel. I really enjoy meeting new musicians that I have never played with before as it makes me dig deep into my creative reservoir. At the same point, there are always familiar comrades that I have built up a rapport over the years and this all makes for some juicy music making.

Hyelim: The structure that Note Inégales operates in brings new insights to music making, and the various musicians that collaborate with Club Inégales offer us diverse opportunities.


On 12 November, you’ll be performing alongside each other with Notes Inégales – what excites you about bringing your distinct musical voices into a conversation with music from around the world?

Hyelim: One of my earliest gigs with Club Inegales was with Byron, so my collaboration with him has a special place in my regard. I find it exciting that, despite the very different musical backgrounds of the various soloists, we nonetheless find synergies that connect us on a deeper level.

Byron: We are all from the world and have a unique experience due to where we were born, raised and live. The art of playing with other musicians is to find a way to bring ones unique voice into a shared language where issues can be discussed, dissected and played with. I have been listening to a lot of Korean music over the last 6 months; Samulnori, Sanjo, Pansori and Salpuri which are all fascinating sound worlds. My passion has always been folk music, that reflects the soul of the people who make it. This really excites me and has taken me all around the world collaborating with traditional and contemporary artists.

Finally, Byron, you’ve got a few gigs lined up as part of this year’s EFG London Jazz Festival – is there anything special we can expect from your visit to the club?

Byron: All of the above!

Byron and Hyelim perform at Club Inégales as part of the EFG London Jazz Festival on Saturday 12 November and will be in residence all weekend as part of our Academy Inégales Weekender – more information and tickets are available here.