Academy Inégales opens its doors!

Alongside our club night with Byron Wallen & Hyelim Kim, we opened up the doors of the club and welcomed in a new group of composers, performers & composer-performers for our latest Academy Inégales Weekender!


Over the course of the weekend, this diverse group of performers worked with Peter Wiegold and Martin Butler to immerse themselves in the club’s methods, experimenting with improvisatory techniques, creating open score compositions and collaborating directly with other musicians on new works.

Workshops from Byron Wallen and Notes Inégales percussionist Simon Limbrick added some creative fuel to the fire as the composers in the group set about creating works for the Sunday evening showcase.


The weekend came to a close on at the special showcase gig, giving everyone a chance to come together and share their work. We had improvisations, vocal grooves, and minimal textures, plus everything from beautifully sparse sound worlds right up to vast walls of noise – a fantastic demonstration of the depth and diversity of talent in the room!