Announcing Club Inégales Season 18 – ‘Off the Page’




Introduced by Club Inégales’ Artistic Director, Peter Wiegold

Dear friends, I hope you had a lovely summer and welcome to Season 18 of Club Inégales!
Musicians love to talk of music ‘flying off the page’. Great classical performers do that: great improvisers can take any score – maybe just made of a few notes – and make it a whole piece. Well we counted up – this season we will be working with almost 40 new pieces – so ‘Off the Page’ is probably a good title!

On 13th October we join Howard Skempton for his 70th birthday celebration at Kings Place. It’s a Club Inégales late-night show featuring 4 or 5 of Howard’s exquisite scores, and the great man himself will be joining us to play accordion, sing and improvise along with our band Notes Inégales. This will be Howard’s third performance with the band, and each time it’s been a delight for our audiences.

This year the London Jazz Festival is 25 years old. In celebration, the festival has commissioned 25 ‘one-page’ scores for us to realise over two marathon performances at the club. These will be held on Sunday 12th and Sunday 19th November, from 4pm – 9pm, and many of the composers will be there to join in the fun. The moment each of the scores is put in front of the band will be the very first they’ll have laid eyes on it. No rehearsals, we promise!

We’ll also be linking up with the London Jazz Festival again on the 10th November, where we head to the Royal Academy’s Jasper Johns exhibition to discuss and perform new graphic scores.  We are delighted to be joined there by fine young jazz composer Kim Macari, as well as saxophonist Raymond MacDonald.

Finally on 7th December we team up with one of Britain’s finest composers, improvisers, and performers on both the hurdy-gurdy and medieval violin, Stevie Wishart, for a night of medieval and Christmas-tinged adventure.

So by our calculation, that makes about 40 new pieces. What are we aiming for when we look to bring these works ‘off the page’? The special thing, I think, about our way of working is the alchemy: the moment when our guest composers and performers meet myself and Notes Inégales, and something happens beyond what any of us could have imagined, with something real of every one of us behind it. Sometimes we’ll be presented with a complex rhythm to get us started. On other times we’ve begun with just a three note melody. I remember one performance in Bath Spa where we worked from a postcard with just the word ‘almost’ written on the back! But all it takes is that spark. The composer presents us with an idea; Hyelim may add an extraordinary vibrato, Martin an ambivalent chord on the piano, Simon a Steve Reich-like groove, and we’re off and playing together!

We thoroughly appreciate our loyal and close-up audience. The great thing about playing at Club Inégales is that we get to talk and eat and drink with you every time. Keep bringing us your ideas, and we hope to see you as the leaves fall.

All the best,

Peter Wiegold
Artistic Director – Club Inégales