Full Line-Up Announced for our London Jazz Festival Marathons!

Dear friends,

This is getting very exciting!

Imagine the afternoon/evening at Club Inégales next week on Sunday 12th, where Raymond MacDonald (sax), Kim Macari (trumpet), Heidi Heidelberg (voice), Mauricio Velasierra (flute), Kuljit Bhamra (tabla) Rob Luft (guitar), Olie Brice (bass), Cath Roberts ( sax), Ant Law (guitar), and Anton Hunter (guitar) all roll in, one by one, to join us in playing their own new ‘one-page’ scores.

Or – on the 19th we have Byron Wallen (trumpet), Alexander Hawkins (piano), Jaak Sooäär (guitar), Chris Sharkey (guitar), Alice Zawadski (voice/violin), Matthew Bourne, (piano),  Mark Sanders (drums), Orphy Robinson (steel pans), Pat Thomas(keys) and James Mainwaring (sax).

The shows will also feature new scores by Hermeto Pascoal (Hermatoids)Alex RothHelen Papaioannou, and Corrie Dick.

25 new scores to celebrate 25 years of the London Jazz Festival!

Rob Luft and Hyelim Kim

It has been a pleasure and an honour to have conversations with such a rich diverse set of jazz musicians, and they are all up for staying on and playing in one another’s pieces, so this is going to evolve through the afternoon/evening into an amazing big band.

All playing alongside the wonderful resident Notes Inégales musicians who include Christian Forshaw (sax/bass clarinet), Hyelim Kim (taegŭm flute), Jackie Shave (violin), Robin Michael(cello), Joel Bell (guitar), Simon Limbrick (drums/percussion), Ben Markland (bass) and Martin Butler (piano).

We’ll sit down at 4pm and go through to 9pm, stopping only for our resident caterers ‘Taste of India’ to provide nourishment at 6pm. Please keep an eye on Twitter as we release timings of the performers and pieces. You can find us at @clubinegales

Come and go as you please through the afternoon/evening, and we’ll find some way of tagging you! Re-admission is allowed!

Heidi Heidelberg and Kuljit Bhamra

Also! Prior to this on Friday 10th we are joining the fine jazz musicians Kim Macari and Raymond MacDonald at the Royal Academy Jasper Johns exhibition for Visualising music: the art of the graphic score. The event runs from 6:30 – 7:45pm. We will perform new graphic scores and discuss the art of realising them. Hope to see you at these unrepeatable events.

best wishes,

Peter Wiegold
Artistic Director
Club Inégales

Box Office Information

Expect the Unexpected (Part One)
Sunday 12th November 2017
Club Inégales, Euston
Tickets from £7.00

Expect the Unexpected (Part Two)
Sunday 19th November 2017
Club Inégales, Euston
Tickets from £7.00

As always, there’ll be delicious food from Taste of India available on the day, and free WiFi.

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