Stevie Wishart brings Christmas to Club Inégales tomorrow night!

Dear friends,

The first snow has fallen, the mince pies are ready and the scores are in – tomorrow night Club Inégales is back in action, and we’re feeling festive!

For our special Christmas concert we welcome as guest the unique Stevie Wishart, a composer steeped in the traditions of folk and early music, who draws on electro-acoustic sound and improvisation and who is also a beguiling performer on violin and hurdy-gurdy. To get you in the mood we’ve included a couple of shots from our inspiring recent London Jazz Festival ‘Expect the Unexpected’ performance, and there’s plenty more info on what’s to come below too 👇

The hurdy-gurdy is one of the oldest instruments of European invention. Both mechanical and expressive, with multiple drone strings, it has an extraordinary sound that is both timeless and musically undefinable. In Stevie’s hands it will take us from her medieval roots to the present as she performs her “Solos for bowed strings”  in set II.

For the main, final, set III, Stevie says she wants to construct an exploded, expanded hurdy-gurdy with the band. She says ‘think Leonardo sketches* and estampies of pure timbre’. It will culminate in the premiere of a new Christmas carol ‘Mistura Clamans die Natalis Christi’.

So please do join us to kickstart your Christmas festivities. There’ll be food courtesy of our friends at Taste of India, and let us offer you a glass of mulled wine. Ho-ho-hope to see you there!

Box Office Information

A Noisey Christmas Medley
Thursday 7th November 2017
Club Inégales, Euston
Tickets from £7.00