A Huge Thanks And A Merry Christmas From Club Inégales

Dear friends,
We’ve have had a happy year at Club Inégales perhaps the most international yet, with guests from India, Iran/Canada, China, Korea, Japan, Lithuania, New Zealand and Portugal – through to the English folk musicians of Leveret.
Alice Zawadzki with Notes Inégales
Perhaps our largest scale project too, with 25 new scores played by our band together with 21 wonderful jazz musicians over two marathon events in the London Jazz Festival. There were some absolutely stunning moments in these spontaneous performances.
Plus we performed with Howard Skempton at his 70th birthday celebrations, with Stevie Wishart and hurdy-gurdy for Christmas, and had a fascinating evening at the Royal Academy exploring graphic scores, linked to their Jasper Johns exhibition.
Stevie Wishart
A sad note is that our friend sarangi player Dhruba Ghosh passed way in July. Before he joined us I wrote: ..’he played just the first note in his cadenza, with an exquisite vibrato – and the sun came out’.  It was complete privilege to spend just two days with him, Dhruba rest in peace.
Thanks to all our guests, almost 40 in all, and to our wonderful resident band Notes Inégales, who embrace them all as the guests play with us. Look out next year for a project celebrating the band with some dedicated ‘concertos’ for them.
Martin Butler
We will re-open in the Spring. In the meantime we will be inviting many of our ‘alumni’ from the last 6 years – from guests at the club to participants in Institute of Composing and Academy Inégales projects (almost 600 in all, we counted), to share a couple of days with us exploring what our project has been for them and what they’d like to bring to us in the future as we open our doors further.

Thanks to my splendid co-directors Martin Butler and Andrew Ward, our managers in the past year Fanny Martin, Dave Brooks and Tony Burch and especially to all of our audience and supporters. We receive so much affirmation and support on club evenings, and as we travel round other music events, it’s so nice to know that people value what we are doing.

Byron Wallen
We know that everyone loves the ‘atmosphere’ of the club and we remain dedicated to doing things that are human-sized – whilst inégales. We are ever grateful to Hodge Jones and Allen for hosting us in this amazing space and to the Arts Council for support.
Now is the lovely time when the world turns slowly for a week or two, please enjoy, all the best for the New Year and we look forward to welcoming you back in 2018.
Peter Wiegold
best wishes,

Peter Wiegold
Artistic Director
Club Inégales