NEW SEASON: Club Inégales announces vital new Autumn season: ‘The Uncertain Hour’

Introduced by Club Inégales’ Artistic Director, Peter Wiegold

Welcome to the 20th season of Club Inégales. From 18thC Australia to 19thC Vienna to today, our season is made of stories of change, historic and personal. Over five concerts, we’ll be exploring those liminal times, after which nothing can be the same.

Sarah Gabriel (vocals) performing Brecht + Weill
In early 1930s Berlin, artists in underground nightclubs satirised and dissected the political maelstrom in the streets above and stage collaborators Bertolt Brecht and Kurt Weill captured the febrile, furious, subversive, decadent, fearful state of Weimar Germany – and the human condition. Seamlessly  transforming theatre and song in Europe, and then across the Atlantic to Broadway in their tumultuous lifetimes, the legacies of this poet and composer somehow feel more relevant than ever.

in association with the Royal Academy of Arts Klimt/Schiele exhibition and the EFG London Jazz Festival. 
Stravinsky wrote that he felt “on the edge of an abyss” when composing The Rite of Spring between 1912/13. Around the same time, Einstein, Freud and Marx were producing some of their most challenging work. The world was in upheaval.

Pianist and co-director Martin Butler and I, alongside the voice and violin of Alice Zawadzki, and saxophonist Diane McLoughlin will explore this extraordinary transitional time and, working with the art of Klimt and Schiele, presenting a performance that begins with the heightened expressionism of Schoenberg and takes us into the new worlds of the 20th century, towards the liberation of sound and the beginnings of jazz.

in association with the EFG London Jazz Festival. 

Following our two marathons in LJF 2017, where 25 jazz composers wrote  ‘one-page’ scores and played with us, here’s an echo of that with 3 special guests:

First up is the brilliant composer and saxophonist Helen Papaioannou, whose games and strategies for group interaction are a perfect fit for our resident band Notes Inégales. Mercury Prize, MOBO and Jazz FM nominated saxophonist James Mainwaring will be joining us for the third time. And we’re delighted to welcome Shri Sriram (bass), a key member of the Asian Underground scene with Badmarsh&Shri, who recently won a British Composer Award for “Just a Vibration”, a collaboration between Indian musicians and brass band.

Peter Knight (trumpet/electronics) 
Peter Knight is the director of the Australian Art Orchestra, a leading innovative band that explodes genre. Tonight, following their London Jazz Festival performance he joins Alice Zawadzkiand other members of Notes Inégales in The Plains – ‘an extraordinary series of musical mirages that form on an endless sonic horizon reflecting and reimagining the wide-open spaces of the Australian landscape’.

Sam Lee (vocals) 
We are delighted to launch our long-awaited album with folksinger Sam Lee! Another story of Australia, Van Diemen’s Land begins with a warning of the danger of transportation and builds to ‘Flash Company’ – a delirious lost night on the far side of the world. This is the first of a series of Club Inégales albums we are releasing that will be distributed by the prestigious NMC recording label.

We are once again offering a Season Saver deal, that will secure you a place at all four of our in-house performances this season, with a 25% discount on top too.

I do hope you can join us for this evocative series. Once again we are most grateful to our hosts Hodge Jones & Allen and senior partner Patrick Allen for their generous support. Finally, from Brecht:

“However, they won’t say: the times were dark
Rather: why were their poets silent?”
Best wishes,

Peter Wiegold
Artistic Director – Club Inégales