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Friday 13th November 2015, door 7.00pm

LONDON JAZZ FESTIVAL 2015 – series multibuy tickets

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13 – 21 November 2015

November sees a return to the London Jazz Festival as we welcome Lionel Loueke, Samuel Blaser, Christophe Fellay, Jaak Sooäär and Raymond MacDonald to our subterranean Euston bar.  Expect ‘you had to be there’ musical alchemy in the famed 3rd set of each gig!  We’ll also be hosting another Jazz Rants evening before Notes Inégales set off for a Swiss tour with Christophe Fellay.


loueke-3x2 Friday 13 November 2015
Lionel Loueke
A guitarist whose engrossing music refers to his Benin heritage, alongside a wealth of experience with Herbie Hancock, Terence Blanchard and Robert Glasper, as well as his own Blue Note-recorded bands.
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 samuel-blaser-3x2 Sunday 15 November 2015
Samuel Blaser
Since his 2007 debut as a leader, 7th Heaven (Between the Lines), Blaser has grown at an almost incomprehensible rate, from straight-ahead hard bopper in his mid-twenties to innovative free player and ever-searching composer and bandleader in his early thirties, one whose improvisational strength has received praise from sources like Audiophile Audition, citing Blaser’s music as occupying “ambient/free jazz terrain that has a depth of vision and clarity revealing musical maturity beyond Blaser’s nearly three decades of life.”
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 jazz-rants-3x2 Wednesday 18th November 2015
Jazz Rants
In a welcome return to the EFG London Jazz Festival we find out what inspires, invigorates and provokes the world of jazz. With LJF Jazz Professor Tony Whyton We’ll be garnering views on the true creative contributions of Jazz artists, be they composers, leaders, soloists or band-members. Expect ten-minute bursts of trenchant monologue and musical interventions, refereed by the Institute of Composing’s Peter Wiegold.
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Thursday 19th November 2015
Jaak Sooäär & Raymond MacDonald
Jaak Sooäär (guitar) and Raymond MacDonald (saxophones) improvisers from Estonia and Scotland whose backgrounds and experience make them a perfectly balanced duo. Both have performed worldwide and share a passion for exploring the outer reaches of their instruments. They are recognized as powerhouses within their home jazz and improvisation scenes and have released over 80 CDs between them. Both have worked extensively as free improvisers while their roots in jazz and pop can be heard in their playing. In duo their music ranges from joyous exuberance to deeply textured soundscapes; from minimal spaciously detailed sketches to full blown melodic adventures, freewheeling around the edges of wherever they go.
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 fellay-3x2 Saturday 21st November 2015
Christophe Fellay
Drummer Christophe Fellay is leading resident club band Notes Inégales on a tour of Switzerland after this gig – the dark drums, bells and soundscapes of the Alps mixed with the Notes’ exquisite boundary-crossing improvisation.
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Every event takes place at Club Inegales’ Euston home and features house ensemble Notes Inégales directed by Peter Wiegold

Doors open at 7pm for great food and drinks
Music from 8pm

These events are made possible by the generous support of
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